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Module 8 Unit 1 微課視頻



Module 8 Unit 1 微課視頻下載↓微課視頻外研版八年級英語下冊知識點總結外研版八年級英語下冊期末測試題Module 1 Feelings and impressionsU1微課教學U2微課教學U3微課教學Module 2 ExperiencesU1微課教學U2微課教學U3微課教學Module 3 Journey to spaceU1微課教學U2微課教學U3微課教學Module 4 Seeing the doctorU1微課教學U2微課教學U3微課教學Module 5 CartoonsU1微課教學U2微課教學U3微課教學Revision module AModule 6 HobbiesU1微課教學U2微課教學U3微課教學Module 7 Summer in Los AngelesU1微課教學U2微課教學U3微課教學Module 8 Time off重點句子1.Welcome to Beihai Park.歡迎來到北海公園。Welcome to...歡迎到......,如果地點是副詞,to省略 Welcome home. Welcome back to...歡迎回到......2.It\\\\\\\\\\\'s so quiet here that I can even hear the birds singing!?這里如此安靜,我甚至都能听見鳥叫的聲音。(1)主語+be/動詞+形容詞/副詞+that+句子,表示......如此......以至于......She was so excited that she couldn\\\\\\\\\\\'t fall asleep./He runs so fast that I can\\\\\\\\\\\'t catch up with him.(2)hear 听見,感官動詞。hear sb./sth.doing sth.听見某人/某物做某事(表示動作正在進行);hear sb./sth.do sth.听見某人做某事(表示動作全過程或已結束)I often hear him sing in the next room.3.I can hardly believe we\\\\\\\\\\\'re in the city centre.我幾乎不敢相信我們是在市中心。(1)hardly 幾乎不,含有否定意義的詞,含有該詞的句子相當于否定句。He hardly goes out to eat, does he?(2)in the city centre 在市中心4.This park is famous for its lake, the bridges and the ancient buildings on the hill.這個公園以湖、橋和山上的古建築物而聞名。(1)be famous for...因為......而出名China is famous for the Great Wall.(2)on the hill 在山上?5.The lake takes up over half of the park area.湖佔據了公園面積的一半以上。take up 佔據?Which hobby takes up the least space?6.Let\\\\\\\\\\\'s walk along the lake, cross the bridge and climb up the hill.讓我們沿著湖散步,過橋,爬上。(1)walk along the lake 沿著湖散步(2)cross the bridge=go across the bridge 過橋(3)climb up the hill 爬山7.Then I can point out the sights of Beijing for you.然後我可以為你們指指北京的景點。(1)point out 指出(2)the sights of Beijing 北京的景點8.I\\\\\\\\\\\'m sure it\\\\\\\\\\\'ll be fantastic to see the city from the top.我相信從山頂上看這座城市一定會很棒。(1)be sure+句子,相信/確信......(2)It is/are+形容詞+(for sb.)to do sth.對......來說做某事是......It will be interesting for children to read great books.9.The lake looks nice and cool. Why don\\\\\\\\\\\'t we go for a swim?這個湖看起來非常涼爽。為什麼我們不去游泳呢?(1)nice and 非常;很(2)go for a swim=go swimming 去游泳(3)Why don\\\\\\\\\\\'t we+動詞原形?=Why not+動詞原形?Why not go for a run?10.I don\\\\\\\\\\\'t think they allow people to swim in the lake.我認為他們不允許人們在湖里游泳。(1)think 認為,後面賓語從句是否定形式時,通常轉移到主句否定,即think有否定轉移功能。(2)allow允許,動詞。allow sb.to do sth.允許某人去做某事;allow doing sth.允許做某事The teacher allowed talking about in small groups in class. be allowed to do sth.被允許做某事 I was allowed to smoke.?11.I think it\\\\\\\\\\\'s better to have our picnic at the top of the hill.我認為在山頂野餐更好。at the top of the hill 在山頂12.Come on! Let\\\\\\\\\\\'s not waste any more time.快點!讓我們不要再浪費時間了。come on 快點!13.All right. I hope it will be cooler up there.好吧。我希望山頂會更涼爽。(1)all right 行了,好吧(2)hope 希望,動詞。hope+句子/to do sth.希望....../希望做某事 We hope to have a picnic next week.M8U1微寫作練習微寫作練習根據M8U1對話內容回答問題,然後把答案編寫成一篇短文,介紹一下Beihai Park,要求書寫規範,60詞左右。1.Where is Beihai Park?2.What\\\\\\\\\\\'s it like?3.What\\\\\\\\\\\'s it famous for?4.How large is the lake?5.What do you think of Beihai Park?範文Beihai Park is in the centre of Beijing. It\\\\\\\\\\\'s so quiet that you can even hear the birds singing. The park is famous for its lake, bridges and the ancient buildings on the hill. The lake takes up over half of the park area.?It\\\\\\\\\\\'s enjoyable to take a boat tour on it. But I don\\\\\\\\\\\'t think they?can allow you to swim in the lake. The sights will make you feel relaxed.練習________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________?M8U1課文I can hardly believe we’re in the city centre?Lingling:?Here?we?are.?Welcome?to?Beihai?Park.?玲玲︰我們到了。歡迎來到北海公園!Tony:Wow!?It’s?so?quiet?that?I?can?even?hear?the?birds?singing!?I?can?hardly?believe?we\\\\\\\\\\\'re?in?the?city?centre.?托尼︰哇!這里安靜得我甚至能听見鳥叫的聲音!我幾乎不甘相信我們是在市中心。Lingling:?This?park?is?famous?for?its?lake,?the?bridge?and?the?ancient?buildings?on?the?hill.?The?lake?takes?up?over?half?of?the?park?area.?Let\\\\\\\\\\\'s?walk?along?the?lake,cross?the?bridge?and?climb?up?the?hill.?Then?I?can?point?out?the?sights?of?Beijing?for?you.?玲玲︰這個公園以湖、橋和山上的古建築物而聞名。湖佔據了公園面積的一半以上。咱們沿湖散步,過橋去爬山吧。然後我可以為你們指指北京的景點。Tony:?Yes,?good?idea.?I\\\\\\\\\\\'m?sure?it\\\\\\\\\\\'ll?be?fantastic?to?see?the?city?from?the?top.?托尼︰好主意!我想從山頂山俯瞰北京一定很棒。Daming:?But?I\\\\\\\\\\\'m?so?tired,?and?it\\\\\\\\\\\'s?so?hot?here.?I?don\\\\\\\\\\\'t?want?to?climb.?The?lake?looks?nice?and?cool.?Why?don\\\\\\\\\\\'t?we?go?for?a?swim??大明︰但是我很累,而且這里又這麼熱,我不想爬山。這個湖風景秀麗,湖水清澈,為什麼我們不下去游泳呢?Lingling:?I?don\\\\\\\\\\\'t?think?they?allow?people?to?swim?in?the?lake.?It\\\\\\\\\\\'s?dangerous.?玲玲︰我想這里禁止游泳,那是很危險的。Daming:?That\\\\\\\\\\\'s?too?bad.?Then?why?don\\\\\\\\\\\'t?we?have?our?picnic?here??I\\\\\\\\\\\'m?so?hungry?and?thirsty.?大明︰真沒勁。那干嘛不在這里野餐呢?我又累又渴。Lingling:?I?think?it\\\\\\\\\\\'s?better?to?have?our?picnic?at?the?top?of?the?hill.???玲玲︰我覺得在山頂野餐更好。Tony:?Come?on!?Let\\\\\\\\\\\'s?not?waste?any?more?time.?托尼︰快點吧!咱們別再浪費時間了。Daming:?All?right.?I?hope?it?will?be?cooler?up?there.??大明︰好吧,但願山上能更涼快點。M8重點短語、句型【短語及知識點】1.weclcometo +地點??歡迎到某地,here, home , there ,不要to2.so …that …如此……以致于……常用來表示結果???3.so that?以便,使得4.hear sb. do sth .听見某人做了某事????? ?hear sb. doing sth .听見某人正在做某事5.hardly?幾乎不,乎沒,含有否定的意味,與almost not?同義6.be famous for?因……而聞名/著名? ?be famous as以/作為…而出名後接身份,職業7.point out?指出?? point to?指向,指著,遠距離??point at?強調近距離8. allow sb. to do sth .允許某人做某事? ? be allowed to do sth .被允許做某事9.at the top of?在…的頂端???10.come on?趕快,打開,????11.waste time/money on sth.在…上浪費時間/金錢12.waste time/ money (in) doingsth?浪費時間/金錢做某事13.promise to do sth .許諾/答應做某事???14.wake sb. up?喚醒某人?????15.move about ?四處走動, Move away?離開,搬走?16.pull down拉倒???pull out of?拔掉,抽出?17.the second largest?第二大,the+序數詞+最高級18.do some sightseeing?觀光?? go sightseeing?去觀光19.be careful?當心?becareful of/about sth.小心某物? becareful to do sth .小心做某事20.be popular with?受…歡迎?????21.time off?休假22.take up?佔去(時間或空間),開始從事?????? ? take away?拿走,拿開???? ? take off?脫下,起飛23.提出建議的句型有:1)How/what about doing sth?????? ?2)You should do sth.3)It’s a good idea to do sth. ?4)Let’s do sth .5)You’d better do sth . ? ? ? ? 6)Shall we do…?7)Will you please do sth.? ? ? ? 8)Would you like to do sth ?24.without?沒有,不,後接名詞或動名詞,表否定的意思?,反義:with25.make noise?制造噪音????26.walk down?沿著…走,相當于walk along27.past?介詞,通過,經過,gopast /walk past?相當于動詞:pass?【重點句型】1.?It’s so?quiet that?I can even hear the birds singing! 如此安靜,以至于我甚至能听到鳥兒在唱歌。2.?I can hardly?believe we\\\\\\\\\\\'re in the city centre. 我難以置信我們身處城市中心。3.?This park is famous for?its lake. 這個公園因它的湖泊而著名。4.?The lake takes up?over half of the park area. 這個湖泊佔據了公園面積的一半以上。5.?I promised to?write?to?you.?我保證會給你寫信。6.?Last night we camped by a small lake. 昨晚,我們在小湖邊宿營。7.?The noise?woke?everybody up. 噪音吵醒了每一個人。8.?We came out?without?making any noise.?我們出來了,沒有制造任何噪音。9.?Dongting Lake?is the second largest?freshwater lake in China. 洞庭湖是中國第二大淡水湖。M8U1單元檢測練習一、根據句意及首字母提示完成句子。1.Come to Chengdu and enjoy the beautiful s______.2.My parents don\\\\\\\\\\\'t a______me to go out at night.3.Jim felt t______on his way home, so he bought a bottle of water.4.The classroom is so q______because no one is in the classroom.5.Please don\\\\\\\\\\\'t w______ money on such things.二、根據句意,選擇適當的單詞或短語並用其正確形式完成句子。danger, go for, hardly, come on, climb1.Tim, how did you come in without the key? I______through the window.2.Lucy, ______! We have to get to the station on time.?3.It\\\\\\\\\\\'s______to cross the road at a red light.4.We had nothing to do after dinner, so we______a walk in the park.5.I can______move because it\\\\\\\\\\\'s so crowded on the bus.三、根據上下文意思,用合適的單詞或短語填空。Lingling, Tony and Daming are in Beihai Park now. The park is so quiet that Tony can___1___believe they are in the city centre. The park___2___its lake, bridges and the ancient buildings on the hill. The lake___3___over half of the park area. Lingling wants to___4___the hill and then she can___5___the sights of Beijing. But Daming doesn\\\\\\\\\\\'t want to climb because it\\\\\\\\\\\'s so hot and he is so___6___. Daming wants to___7___in the lake. But it is so dangerous that they don\\\\\\\\\\\'t___8___people to swim. In the end, they decided to climb up the hill to have a picnic.四、句子翻譯。1.在山頂吃野餐比較好。2.我相信他們明天能來大連。3.我們為什麼不去爬山呢?4.快點!讓我們不要再浪費更多時間了。5.老師不允許學生在湖里游泳。參考答案︰一、1.sights 2.allow 3.thirsty 4.quiet 5.waste二、1.climbed 2.come on 3.dangerous 4.went for 5.hardly三、1.hardly 2.is famous for 3.takes up 4.climb up 5.point out 6.tired 7.go for a swim 8.allow四、1.It\\\\\\\\\\\'s better to have a picnic at the top of the hill.2.I\\\\\\\\\\\'m sure/believe that they can come to Dalian tomorrow.3.Why don\\\\\\\\\\\'t we/Why not climb up the hill?4.Come on! Let\\\\\\\\\\\'s not waste any more time!5.Teachers don\\\\\\\\\\\'t allow students to swim in the lake.怎樣回看全部的空中課堂視頻?圖文來自網絡,版權歸原作者,如有不妥,告知即刪點擊閱讀原文下載全冊PPT課件動畫教案習題整套資料